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                    ARTICLE IV

REVIEW: The Board of Directors shall review the Constitution and By-Laws before the end of its term of office and it shall recommend modifications to the membership when changes are necessary.

                                ARTICLE V


  1. Club dues for all Charter, Regular and Associate members under the age of sixty-two (62) shall be thirty dollars ($30) per annum.
  1. Club dues for Charter, Regular and Associate members age sixty-two (62) and over shall be twenty-five dollars ($25) per annum.
  1. Should an associate member become a licensed Amateur Radio operator, his or her membership status will change to that of a Regular member.
  1. Club dues for a second club member living at the same address and with the same phone number shall only be an additional ten dollars ($10) for annual membership.
  1. Club dues for Regular and Associate members age seventeen (17) or younger shall be one-half the amount of Regular membership per annum.
  1. Club dues shall be due at the January club meeting of each year.
  1. The grace period for non-payment of dues shall be three months. This period ends at the April club meeting.
  1. The dues for new members who join the club at a date later than January shall be determined on a percentage of the time remaining in the dues year. This pro-rata does not apply to membership renewal.

Ratification of these amendments signified by the signatures below:


James Valega, President  


Michael Ansalve, Vice-President


David Catania, Treasurer


Robert Priez, Secretary

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