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                             ARTICLE III

                              SECTION B


  1. The club business meetings shall be conducted according to ROBERT'S RULES OF ORDER.
  1. The President shall appoint a Parlimentarian who shall rule on questions of parlimentary procedure.
  1. In order to promote the full and responsive participation of all members in the activities of the club, responsibilities in these activities shall be distributed on the basis of a committee system.

This system shall be composed of standing and ad-hoc committees appointed by the President to perform their necessary functions within the club structure.  The standing committees are listed below:

  1. The Program committee: the responsibilities of the Program committee shall include the provision of stimulating and informative programs for club meetings. These programs should pertain directly or indirectly to Amateur Radio and should provide the membership with incentives for attendance and participation.
  1. The Public Relations committee: the responsibilities of the Public Relations committee shall be to provide a liason between the club and the community. In this role, the committee should advertise and promote the activities of Amateur Radio service within the community.
  1. The Education committee: the responsibilities of the Education committee shall be to recruit and to provide quality training and aid in licensing for those individuals who express an interest and propensity for Amateur Radio. In a dual effort and as an adjunct of recruitment, this committee should work in conjunction with the Public Relations committee to provide programs for educating the community.
  1. The Hamfest committee: the responsibilities of the Hamfest committee shall be to plan, execute and oversee all aspects of the annual SELARC Hamfest. It shall be responsible for financial planning and expenditures for the event and shall make a full and accurate disclosure of all transactions before and after the Hamfest.
  1. The Activities committee: the main responsibilities of the Activities committee shall be the planning and the realization of the Field Day and Hamfest programs. In addition, this committee may also work in conjunction with other committees such as Public Relations and Education in the accomplishment of common goals.
  1. The Repeater committee: the responsibilities of the Repeater committee shall be to oversee proper use of the club repeaters, to recommend improvements in operation and/or equipment, and to implement such repeater activities as authorized by the club membership. This committee shall oversee procurement, disposal, storage, and maintenance supervision of all club properties and equipment.  In addition, the committee shall keep a continuous and up-to-date inventory available at regular meetings.
  1. The President may appoint ad-hoc and other committees as needed.

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