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Vol. 49, No. 7 ......................... July 2022
* Club Meeting *

Tuesday July 12, 2022 7:00 PM CDT
Location: Tangipahoa Parish Emergency Operations Center "EOC"
Tangipahoa Parish EOC
Amite City, LA 70402
(114 N Laurel St.)

Eating location for tomorrow's SELARC club meeting (July 12TH) has been moved to LaCaretta'S. Mike's Catfish is now closing after 2:00 PM for evening meals. Sorry for the confusion. This was posted on Friday past.

Meet & Greet Over Food & Drinks (5 PM to 7 PM)
La Carreta
122 SW Central Ave., Amite City, LA 70422 | Phone: (985) 748-9992


If you would like to become a member of SELARC, please print out and complete the application/renewal form and return it with your check to: P.O. Box 1324, Hammond LA 70404. Thanks!



Special Events, Other Hamfests & VE Sessions

Florida Parishes VE Group - Testing sessions are scheduled for the last Sunday of each month [with the exception of holiday conflicts] at AmVets Post #68; 26890 Hwy 42 (jct. of Hwys 42 and 43) - Springfield, La. 70462 (approximately 3 miles south of I-12 at exit 32) at 2pm with $15 testing fee. Bring photo ID and any appropriate CSCE. For more information contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Find an Amateur Radio License Exam in Your Area.

Happy Birthday

Birthday Wishes for July go out to Roger Roper KG5WQI and Michael KE5KMH.
If we missed your birthday, then please let us know.

VE Session Results

Congratulations to the following new AMATEUR RADIO OPERATORS and UPGRADES from our 26 June 2022 VE Session!!

Christine Grigggs - Poplarville, Ms.
Jerry Griggs - Poplarville, Ms.
James Biles / KI5NKJ - Denham Springs, La.

Many thanks to all our VEs' who attend to make these sessions successful!

Hope 2 CU again for our July session!
Tyrone Burns / N5XES - VE Liason ARRL
Florida Parishes VE Group
Springfield, La.

Minutes of the General Meeting, June 2022

SELARC Meeting Minutes

(Meeting Type: In-Person)

(Amite EOC)

June 14th, 2022

Call to order:  Russ Plyler (WI5ARD) at 7:08 pm

Pledge of Allegiance:  Yes

Introductions:  N/A

Minutes of previous meetings:  Russ Plyler (WI5ARD)

  • 1st motion to accept meeting minutes as posted by Tyrone Burns (N5XES)         
  • 2nd motion by Ernie Bush (N5NIB)
  • All Approved

Members present :   Ed Mason (KE5GMN), Pat Mason (KE5KMM), Jerry Burg (W5TE), Tyrone Burns (N5XES), Randy Pfiester (KM5RP), Mike Jackson (KI5GGP), Mike Starr (KF5INT), Lou White (KG5EFQ), Bill Harris (KF5YBY), Ralph Shaw (K5CAV), Keith Samrow (KF5VLX), Jim Szalajeski (K1VTY), Robert Jaeger (KI5TYD), Larry Lima (KI5JVY), Russ Plyler (WI5ARD), Ernie Bush (N5NIB), Tim Desmond (KG6G), Carmen Bray (KF5VXO)

Guest present:  Deborah Young

Treasurers’ report:   Ernie Bush (N5NIB)

  • 1st motion to accept treasurer's report as presented by Tyrone Burns (N5XES)
  • 2nd motion by Pat Mason (KE5KMM)
  • All Approved

Bills / Correspondence:

  • Waiting to hear back from Matt Anderson on paying the Repeater Council (LCARC) dues of $15.00.
  • Tickfaw Tower Rental in September/October for $900.00.
  • The $500 donation from the club on behalf of Bob Priez will be mailed this month.
  • $900 for the price of the new antenna at North Oaks tower site.

New member applications / renewals:  Ernie Bush (N5NIB)

  • Randall “Randy” Pfiester (KM5RP)
  • Louis White (KG5EFQ)
  • 1st motion to accept Randy and Louis by Tyrone Burns (N5XES)
  • 2nd motion by Ed Mason (KE5GMN)
  • All Approved

Health andWelfare:

  • Homer had another fall here within the last month.
  • N5QOX did not need to have surgery.

ARES report:  Pat Mason (KE5KMM)

  • Nets started back on the 147 on June 1st.
  • The nets had been running an average around 17 with the last net jumping up to 20.
  • 4 new call signs checking into the nets.

Hamfest Committee:  Tyrone Burns (N5XES)

  • No updates as of yet

Repeater Committee:  Tyrone Burns (N5XES)

  • Tickfaw
  • Just prior to the meeting Tyrone (N5XES) and Russ (WI5ARD) replaced the loaner duplexer from the OZONE club with another set just recently donated to the club.
  • Tyrone (N5XES) handed out a User Codes sheet for the 147 repeater.
  • Next Steps
  • Tickfaw power distribution corrections in the building. Need to ask Crown Castle (Doyle) What options we have for making corrections.
  • Looking to put solar panels on the site.
  • We might need to consider a window A/C unit at the site. While swapping the duplexer the unit inside was not maintaining temperature. Temperature was heading towards 90 degrees at around 4:30.

  • Hammond
  • Mike Jackson (KI5GGP) reported on the status for the Hammond repeater site.
  • Everything has been ordered and should be here by July
  • Groundbreaking for the tower should be in the 1st week of August with the completion in August/September timeframe.
  • The requested change of the 4-element Comprod antenna for the top of tower was approved for the wind loading. The antenna will be ¼ wave. The club will owe $900 for the upgrade to the requested antenna.
  • Some antenna orientation will need to be discussed prior to them going up the tower.
  • The new 6-meter antenna is quite large. This antenna is being targeted for a 6-meter repeater.
  • Mike (KI5GGP), Tyrone (N5XES), and Russ (WI5ARD) will meet-up Friday to remove donated equipment to the club from the building.

Old Business:

  • One time $500.00 donation for Bob Priez Scholarship fund at SLU along with individual member donations towards this SELARC approved amount. To be mailed after this meeting.

Field Day: Mark Lacey (WX5RN) Mark was not present.

  • Date: June 25th & 26th
  • Location: AMVET Post at 26890 Hwy 42, Springfield LA (Junction of Hwy-42/43)
  • If you are going to participate please send emails to Mark Lacey (WX5RN) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and Tyrone Burns (N5XES) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and include what you may be planning on bringing as far as radio or other.
  • If you plan to set up or participate in Field Day please come out this coming Saturday the 18th at 9 AM to figure out where you will be staging your equipment and even testing your setup and antenna system.


  • Russ (WI5ARD) provided a demonstration on usage of the RigExpert AA-600 antenna analyzer as a standalone unit or connecting to the PC to expand its capabilities. Keith (KF5VLX) also had his RigExpert AA-1400 we were able to test also. Both units provided a great example of direct SWR readout on the antenna and response time to adjustments to the antenna during demonstration. Jerry (W5TE) also brought in his AA-1400 and case to show his kit setup for the analyzer.
  • No demonstration was provided but a basic setup on a Rigol DSA832E-TG - 3.2 GHz Spectrum Analyzer with Tracking Generator was set up to show what a duplexer looks like being tuned.
  • Mike (KI5GGP) also brought in his AEA Technology VNA Site Analyzer to do a comparison to the readings on the RigExperts readouts.
  • RigExpert AA-600 <link>
  • RigExpert AA-1400 <link>
  • Rigol DSA832E-TG <link>
  • AEA Technology, Inc. VNA Site Analyzer <LINK>
  • If you are interested in training on a specific topic or interested in learning about a topic please reach out to Mark Lacey (WX5RN) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
  • (July) Ed (KE5GMN) and Jerry (W5TE) are planning on a Winlink presentation for the meeting.

New Business:

  • The SE Radio Station that was removed last month is in the clubhouse.
  • There was a request to see if anyone was interested in generating a monthly or bi-monthly newsletter? If you have interest in generating a newsletter on behalf of SELARC please reach out to Russ (WI5ARD) via QRZ.
  • Congratulations to Randal Nethery KI5MSN from Prairieville, LA who upgraded to Extra on 5/29 at the Florida Parishes VE Session.
  • July Meet & Greet Over Food & Drinks (5 PM to 7 PM)
  • MIke’s Catfish Inn
  • 1009 W. Oak St., Amite City, LA 70422
  • Phone: (985) 748-5126
  • July Meeting (7 PM to 8:30)
  • Tangipahoa Parish Emergency Operations Center “EOC”
  • 114 N Laurel St., Amite City, LA 70422

Upcoming events / Hamfest / Cancellations:

  • Black Warrior Hamfest
  • June 18, 2022 in Northport, Alabama
  • Shreveport-Bossier Hamfest
  • Huntsville
  • July 4th is the 13 Colonies contest. 13 colonies . Org

General discussion, presentation, or training:

  • It’s too HOT  to talk about a Christmas Party.

Motion to adjourn:

  • 1st motion to adjourn meeting by Tyrone Burns (N5XES)
  • 2nd motion by Lou White (KG5EFQ)
  • All Approved.

News from The ARRL Letter

==> FCC Legacy CORES System to be Retired
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will retire the Legacy version of its COmmission REgistration System (CORES) on July 15, 2022. CORES is the FCC's public-facing database that enables and tracks certain types of FCC and FCC applicant actions, including amateur radio applications and licenses. Its implementation has enabled routine amateur applications and licenses to be issued overnight instead of over weeks, as was the case with earlier methods. ARRL The National Association for Amateur Radio® advises the amateur radio community to transition to the updated version of CORES as soon as possible. ...

==> Hawaii Hurricane Emergency Communications Drill Set for July 16, 2022

==> ARRL and TAPR Digital Communications Conference Returns in September 2022
The 41st ARRL and TAPR Digital Communications Conference (DCC) will be held this September 16 - 18, 2022, in Charlotte, North Carolina. Last year's conference was held virtually due to COVID-19 concerns, but this year's 3-day event will be held at the Hilton Charlotte Airport Hotel. ...

==> Field Day 2022: 500,000 Contacts Already Reported

==> We're back! International Amateur Radio Exhibition Celebrates Relaunch

==> Southern California Exercise Tests Winlink Global Radio Email


--The ARRL Letter and The American Radio Relay League


Stay Radio active -- Hope to see you at the next meeting. Be sure to monitor your weekly nets, e-mail, and the SELARC website at for any updates.