Vol. 50, No. 06 ......................... June 2024
* Club Meeting *

Tuesday Jun 11, 2024 7:00 PM CDT
Location: Ponchatoula Community Center
300 N 5th St., Ponchatoula LA 70454

May Meet & Greet Over Food & Drinks (5 PM to 7 PM)
Manilas Café
363 West Pine Street

If you would like to become a member of SELARC, please print out and complete the application/renewal form and return it with your check to: P.O. Box 1324, Hammond LA 70404. Thanks!

Events and VE Sessions

Florida Parishes VE Group - Testing sessions are scheduled for the last Sunday of each month [with the exception of holiday conflicts] at AmVets Post #68; 26890 Hwy 42 (jct. of Hwys 42 and 43) - Springfield, La. 70462 (approximately 3 miles south of I-12 at exit 32) at 2pm with $15 testing fee. Bring photo ID and any appropriate CSCE. For more information contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Find an Amateur Radio License Exam in Your Area.

Happy Birthday

Birthday Wishes for June go out to Scott Hernandez KD5PCK and Jason Liuzza K5WDH.
If we missed your birthday, then please let us know.

Minutes of the General Meeting, May 2024

SELARC Meeting Minutes

(Meeting Type: In-Person)

(Ponchatoula Community Center, LA)

May 14th, 2024

Call to order: Russ Plyler (WI5ARD) at 7:02pm

Pledge of Allegiance: Russ Plyler (WI5ARD)

Introductions: Done

Minutes of previous meetings: Russ Plyler (WI5ARD)

  • 1st motion to accept meeting minutes as posted by Tyrone
  • 2nd motion by Ryan
  • All Approved

Members present: Russ Plyler (WI5ARD), Mike Jackson (KI5GGP), Terry Williams (N5TDW), Tyrone Burns (N5XES), Pat Mason (KE5KMM), Ed Mason (KE5GMN), Mark Duncan (KJ5DKD), George Carr (KB5ILL), Jerry Burg (W5TE), Paul Hambrice (W2XXX), Ryan Plyler (KI5FMA), Lincoln McCormick (K5PLG), Ralph Shaw (K5CAV), Joel Colman (NO5FD), Mark Lacey (WX5RN), Alvon Bromfield (KB5DLN), Aaron Davis (N5OMM), Steve Lemoine (N5MSY), Ryan Dellucky (KI5NMJ)

Guest present: Caolen Loney, Bjorn Loney

Treasurers’ report: Mike Jackson (KI5GGP)

  • 1st motion to accept the treasurer's Tyrone Burns (N5XES)
  • 2nd motion by Pat Mason (KE5KMM)
  • All Approved

Bills / Correspondence:

  • ???

New member applications / renewals: Russ Plyler (WI5ARD)

  • 1st motion to accept by N/A
  • 2nd motion to accept by N/A
  • All Approved.

Health and Welfare:

  • Joe Dick K5HS SK
  • Ed Hoffman K5AH SK

ARES report: Pat Mason (KE5KMM)

  • 157 check ins last month
  • Severe weather net
  • Average 31 a week

Hamfest Committee: Tyrone Burns (N5XES)

  • Speaker System
    • The issues with the speaker system in PCC have been identified. Tyrone will be replacing the 90 degree plug when available.

Repeater Committee: Tyrone Burns (N5XES) & Russ Plyler (WI5ARD)

  • Tickfaw
    • Waiting to see when the grounding is down at the tower.
    • Future Steps
      • Install new Crescend Amplifier. Amp has been delivered.
      • Power distribution in the cabinet.
  • Hammond
    • Waiting on Pete to complete the work on the 6 meter repeater.
    • Future Steps
      • Install new Kenwood repeater donated by Pete Liuzza (WB5ERM). Output power set to 15 watts.
      • Duplexer needs to be tuned. Noticed more loss than desired.
      • Install new Henry Amplifier. Amplifier is on the bench being worked on now.
      • Power distribution in the cabinet.
      • Install power supply which has been ordered.


  • HMU (Hammond, LA, North Oaks Hospital)
    • Operational
  • PCC (Ponchatoula Community Center)
    • Operational
  • W5TEO (Hammond)
    • Operational

Old Business:

  • N/A

Field Day: Mark Lacey (WX5RN)

  • June 22nd and 23rd


  • Ralph K5CAV Shaw
    • Rohn tower sections for sale, aluminum tubing for antennas, and vintage ham gear for sale. (985) 345-0482

Training – Ryan Dellucky (KI5NMJ)

  • ICS Forms for May Meeting. Ryan Dellucky (KI5NMJ)
  • Any future training topics?
    • EMP Protection / Dave with OZONE on LRS (Lightning Rig Saver) Russ WI5ARD to contact Dave.

New Business:

  • Congratulations on the new licenses and/or upgrades from the VE Session of the Florida Parishes VE Group.
    • Technician
      • N/A
    • General
      • Aaron Davis / N5OMM - Loranger, La. (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
    • Extra
      • Lawrence Gasllup / N5LRY - Clinton, La. (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
  • Ponchatoula Country Market (May 25th - Back Porch)
    • Dee Forrest K5XYL asked if SELARC would like to do a radio setup in the Month of May. If so, who would like to be the contact to coordinate the setup we would have. This would be for one of the weekends in May on a Saturday (10-5) Ryan Dellucky.
  • Fox Hunt
    • Please reach out to Ryan Dellucky (KI5NMJ) if you are interested in doing a Fox Hunt.
  • June Meet & Greet (5 PM to 7 PM)
    • Manilas Café

      363 West Pine Street Ponchatoula Louisiana 70454

      • June Meeting (7 PM to 8 PM)

○ Ponchatoula Community Center

300 North 5th Street Ponchatoula Louisiana 70454

Upcoming events / Hamfest / Cancellations:

  • ???

General discussion, presentation, or training:

  • Test session end of every month.

Motion to adjourn:

  • 1st motion to adjourn meeting by Tyrone Burns (N5XES)
  • 2nd motion by Ed Mason (KE5GMN)
  • All Approved.
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Stay Radio active -- Hope to see you at the next meeting. Be sure to monitor your weekly nets, e-mail, and the SELARC website at https://www.selarc.org for any updates.