A list from Bob WB5FBS was passed around for review by the club members: showing a list of passed club members and family members since the last time the club had made book donations which was before the program had expanded in scope to include family members. A motion was put forward, which was seconded and passed, to restrict the program to memorial donations for the passed Silent Keys that were SELARC club members/former members.

The list below shows the Silent Keys

  • Dr Nathan Forrest KB5YMA
  • SELARC member Michael Garig "Mike" Courtney K5MKE of Loranger
  • SELARC member Louis Leblanc KD5SUB
  • Charter member JR "Rick" Webb WA5PCE SK.
  • SELARC Life member Chris Fischer WA5RRN of Trimble, Missouri
  • Nick Farkas KC5NIE SK
  • Malcolm "Mac" Meyers W5SPI SK
  • Hilda Sarrat N5XOI-SK
  • Ray May K5AZU
  • Al Baker KF5IBW
  • Ad Fowler W5NON